ChemGuard Polyester Part A (1:1)

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Eco-Corflex’s ChemGuard Polyester Part A (1:1), striped green label, is a pigmented polyester polyurethane that is typically applied as a color topcoat. This product isn’t for direct-to-concrete use. ChemGuard Polyester provides extreme chemical resistance (in this regard, it even exceeds a polyaspartic) and extreme UV resistance. When mixed with its Part B activator, this product requires no reducing (no solvent addition). Excellent for use in seamless (Classic) or partial-chip (Deluxe) coating systems and perfect for use as a topcoat for exterior spaces and interior commercial spaces including warehouses, airplane hangars, shop floors, and other spaces where extreme chemical resistance is required. This product is odorous; do not use it for interior residential or commercial spaces where odor may be an issue.