100% Solids 2:1 Pigmented Part B (Fast Cure)

SKU: 100P-B-PFC-5


Eco-CorFlex’s 100% Solids 2:1 Pigmented Part B (Fast Cure) activator, orange label, is one part of a two-component high-gloss premium floor coating. The Part B component is available in either “fast-cure” or “regular-cure”; the former activator enables a quicker re-coat time. When mixed with its Part A component, this product is typically used as a primer coat in low-moisture conditions and for non-commercial applications. However, this 2-component coating may also be used as a topcoat in areas where extreme chemical resistance or UV protection is not required. The product provides outstanding flow & leveling, zero VOCs, chemical, stain, moisture and abrasion resistance, and excellent gloss retention. Refer to the applicable coating system installation SOP, available in GoogleDrive, for preparation and application procedures.


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