SL Epoxy II Part B



Eco-CorFlex’s SL Epoxy II (2:1), Part B Activator, teal label, is one part of a two-component coating. It’s a low-odor, zero solvent, zero-VOC, 100% solids high-build epoxy that replaces our “old” SL Epoxy. It’s an excellent clear topcoat for all interior installations. Because SL Epoxy II readily accepts metallic pigment, it’s your liquid coating of choice for the metallic color coat in Liquid Art coating systems. Features and benefits? 24-hour return-to-service, low odor, no VOCs (0 g/L), excellent abrasion, impact and wear resistance. No solvent addition is required when SL Epoxy II is used as a metallic color coat in Liquid Art coating systems; however, when used in any coating system as a protective top coat, the addition of denatured alcohol (32 oz per gallon) is recommended to facilitate application.

Cautionary notes: (i) do not allow this product to freeze; (ii) in cold conditions, warm buckets to >80°F before use.