100% Solids Polymer 2:1 (Green Label) Part A



*Interior Applications Only (Non-UV)

Eco-CorFlex’s 100% Solids Polymer 2:1 Part A, green label, is one part of a solvent-free, two-component high-gloss premium floor coating. Unlike the 100% Solids Polymer Orange Label, this product is NOT TO BE APPLIED DIRECT-TO-CONCRETE. When mixed with its Part B activator, this product provides resistance to chemical exposure, stains, high traffic and mechanical abuse. It is primarily used for interior (non-UV) installations as a color coat for full-chip coating systems. It can be used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, washrooms, showers, basements…and garages (as long as it’s not taken beyond the doorline). Added advantages include blush-free curing, short dry time, outstanding flow and leveling, and zero VOCs. Refer to the applicable coating system installation SOP, available in Google Drive, for preparation and application procedures.


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