CoveBlock Part B 2:1

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Eco-Corflex’s CoveBlock (2:1), Part B activator, striped sage green label, is a fiber-reinforced epoxy mastic for direct-to-concrete application. When mixed with its Part A component, the product yields a butter-like consistency that prevents “sagging”. As such, it’s an excellent product for cove base creation and vertical repairs like stem walls (although CoveBlock can be used on horizontal substrates too). It’s superb as a primer for extremely porous surfaces like cinder block walls…in lieu of using 100% Solids MME. But just like 100% Solids MME, users can chip directly into the applied mixture. CoveBlock can be applied with a trowel or simply wiped on with a large sponge. It possesses 20 – 30 minutes of working time before setting in ~1 hour.