ZYCrete PMC 60/120 Part B

SKU: ZYC-B-60-120-5 /


ZYCrete PMC-60/120 Part B is the Part B component of a 3-component mixture used where extreme moisture-mitigation is required (Note: Zycrete PMC-60 and PMC-120 use the same Part A and Part B components; only the Part C component differs). Zycrete PMC-60/120 Part B provides a coating that self-levels and hides mid-range concrete imperfections. ZYCrete PMC-60 uses 11 lb Part A, 11 lb Part B, and 28 lb Part C, while ZYCrete PMC-120 uses 5.5 lb Part A, 5.5 lb Part B, and 5.5 lb Part C. (Note: Before use, we recommend that you contact GFC’s support representative to review and confirm proper mixing and application procedures).

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