Eco-Patch Part B



*Size: 1 Gallon

Eco-CorFlex’s Eco-Patch, Part B, is one component of a simple 2-component (2:1 ratio) concrete repair system. Mixing the Part A and Part B components produces a multi-purpose, low-odor, no-solvent, concrete repair system that sets quickly…in 15 – 20 minutes @ 70°F. This patch system is ideal for (i) small or large concrete repairs, (ii) for interior and exterior direct-to-concrete applications, and (iii) for use in cold weather conditions (year ’round). Walnut shell (2:1:2 ratio) or joint compound (2:1:1 ratio) may be added to assist with vertical or horizontal concrete repairs. For deep repairs, users may add large aggregate. Eco-Patch can also be used for simple crack repairs or to create the perfect cove base.