Poly Hybrid 3:2 Clear Part A (Fast Cure)



Eco-CorFlex’s Poly Hybrid 3:2 Clear Part A (Fast Cure) is one part of a two-component, clear top coat. When mixed with its Part B fast cure activator, this solvent-free product combines extreme chemical, abrasion and UV-resistance with fast-cure properties and is ideal for exterior or rapid turnaround installations in temperatures as low as 20˚F. Clear Poly Hybrid (3:2) is primarily used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, parking lots, chemical storage areas, laboratories, airplane hangars, garages, patios, walkways, handicap ramps and anywhere extreme chemical resistance and /or UV protection is required. The product provides excellent high gloss retention, moisture resistance and ultra-low VOCs. Refer to the applicable coating system installation SOP, available in GoogleDrive, for preparation and application procedures.

Note: In the majority of cases, the Fast Cure Clear Poly Hybrid is the product of choice. However, the Slow Cure may be used in lieu of the Fast Cure for high temperature and/or high moisture (humidity) installations. If the user determines that the Fast Cure “kicks off” too fast, consider the Slow Cure. For coating systems requiring 2 clear coats, use a Fast Cure on the 1st coat and Slow Cure on the second.

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