Roller, Super Doo-Z 18 x 3/8″, Case



*Case of 6 Rollers

When affixed to a roller frame via end-caps, the 14” or 18” microfiber (or “micro plush”) rollers are typically used to roll, “snow-plow” and “back-roll” coating mixtures over surfaces. In contrast, the smaller 9” microfiber rollers are typically used (along with the 2 ½” brush) to assist in the application of coating mixtures to stem walls, perimeters, crannies, etc., and to “feather-out” drips or runs.

Note: The roughness of the surface being coated should determine the “nap”; use a 1/4” or less nap for smooth surfaces and 3/4” or higher nap for semi-rough and rough surfaces.

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