Poly Hybrid 3:2 Clear Part B (Fast Cure)



Eco-CorFlex’s Poly Hybrid 3:2 Clear Part B (Fast Cure) is one part of a two-component, clear top coat. When mixed with its clear Part A component, this solvent-free product combines extreme chemical, abrasion and UV-resistance with fast-cure properties and is ideal for exterior or rapid turnaround installations in temperatures as low as 20˚F. Clear Poly Hybrid (3:2) is primarily used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, parking lots, chemical storage areas, laboratories, airplane hangars, garages, patios, walkways, handicap ramps and anywhere extreme chemical resistance and/or UV protection is required. The product provides excellent high gloss retention, moisture resistance and ultra-low VOCs. Refer to the applicable coating system installation SOP, available in GoogleDrive, for preparation and application procedures.

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