Polypropylene, 5lbs




Once applied, coated substrates may be slippery when wet and present a potential safety hazard. To mitigate this risk, aggregates are broadcast into coating systems during installation as a form of “anti-skid” to provide a more granular surface for improved traction. The four types of anti-skid aggregates available, listed from least “aggressive” to most “aggressive”, are: (i) polypropylene media, (ii) GFC anti-skid media, (iii) quartz, and (iv) aluminum oxide.

Polypropylene Media is available in both 50-grit and 20-grit aggregate and is incorporated as part of a system’s final coat. Typical locales include indoor garages, basements, retail stores, firehouses, airplane hangars, or grocery stores, where a less aggressive anti-skid is required.

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