Quartz, 10lbs




Once applied, coated substrates may be slippery when wet and present a potential safety hazard. To mitigate this risk, aggregates are broadcast into coating systems during installation as a form of “anti-skid” to provide a more granular surface for improved traction. The four types of anti-skid aggregates available, listed from least “aggressive” to most “aggressive”, are: (i) polypropylene media, (ii) GFC anti-skid media, (iii) quartz, and (iv) aluminum oxide.

Quartz is broadcast by hand or hopper gun directly into the color coat. This aggregate may be used wherever the elderly, handicapped, children, potential spills of grease, oil, food, etc. are present or possible. Typical locales include garages, patios, restaurant kitchens, car dealerships, commercial facilities, automotive garages, wood shops and bakeries. Quartz is available in Black, Flint, Tan or White, enabling this anti-skid to be sufficiently masked in medium through full-chip installations.

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