100% Solids MME Part B Slow Cure



Eco-Corflex’s 100% Solids MME (2:1) Part B Slow Cure Activator, striped brown label, is a 100% solids, high-build epoxy for direct-to-concrete application in full-chip systems. It’s perfect in medium to high-moisture conditions…even when the concrete is cold (although, in extreme moisture conditions, we still suggest the use of Zycrete). 100% Solids MME is applied direct-to-concrete at twice the quantity of our 100% Solids Orange Label. However, no subsequent re-wet coat or color coat is required…applicators can immediately chip into the primer. Because the new formulation dries quickly (in under 2 hours), clear top coats may be applied soon thereafter, permitting a 1-day to max 2-day application.

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